Stripe Bitcoin ability

Stripe has a few additional lines of code to add to create a connection in the same way as Stripe Payments but for Bitcoin (i.e. a popup) and enables Bitcoin as a payment method through the same Stripe account.

Can this be implemented?

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You’ll find an option to allow Bitcoin payments right from the charge action under Payments. How does your request differ from the option provided by Bubble’s Stripe plugin?

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Was looking at the wrong area and see it now.

It is under ‘charge the current user’ when I was looking to save a Bitcoin wallet under the Collect the users CC information action.

Is there a way to have only bitcoin show up as a method of payment seperate from the credit card option?

Or set the state on the credit card popup window to Bitcoin 1st (preferably as the only) keeping Charge Cards vs. Accept Bitcoin popups and inputs seperate from one another?

Hey again @JustinC,

It seems as though Stripe supports Bitcoin solely at an addon capability. Since Bubble is using Stripe’s modal, there isn’t much wiggle room here even if a Bitcoin-only option was made available to Stripe’s customers.


Hey @copilot, Can you provide me a proper workflow or reference from where I can understand the exact content to charge the user using Bitcoin?

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Thanks @JonL, for the important information. Is there any other option for me to add the Bitcoin payment option for the users?

I believe @copilot were working on an educational course about that. But I don’t know the status of it.

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Hey @copilot, what’s the status of Bitcoin payment method ?

Hey @aditya.rajak,

We aren’t working on any cryptocurrency-related material at this time. :thinking:

Cool, So do you have any idea about how can I integrate the Bitcoin payment in my application?

thanks for info