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Anyone else having problems with the Bubble Stripe Plugin?

Hi Everyone,

Is anyone else having these problems?

  1. Bubble is not passing the current user email address to Stripe at the payment page. Some times it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

  1. when it does works (subscribe to a plan), bubble doesn’t seem to be talking with Stripe because the values in current user - > stripe subscription are all empty so can’t fetch status or any details about the subscription.
  2. The cancel plan workflow doesn’t work, I get a popup from bubble saying the cancellation was successful but it doesn’t cancel in Stripe. Again suggesting that bubble is not connected to stripe.

Any ideas?


I’ve reported this issue a lot of times as I’ve encountered this with several projects. The way I solved it was by adding another email type value based on the user’s input on stripe.

A great way of verifying data is through webhooks. Stripe customers are automatically linked by their unique ID, you can use bubble’s internal Current User’s dropdown functionality to look it up. Use this ID to verify their account details against the webhook information.

Long story short, it’s not an ideal situation but workable.

Seems like the plugin doesn’t work at all. May have to look at other options.

Hi, could you file a bug report on it. It’s important that this plugin works for people.

yeah I did lodge a bug report so let see.

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Hi folks, It seems to be “mostly working”, although I am seeing the same issue as above with passing email to V3 checkout. Also running into issues pulling data back from Stripe using the “Current Users Stripe…”
@emmanuel, should we be reporting these issues to [email protected] and not Bubble?

No update from Bubble yet about this issue.
Just wondering, how is everyone else implementing their payment if this plugin doesn’t work?

The base stripe functionality works fine. I recommend checking out the Stripe Self Service (now Customer Portal) plugin from @lantzgould o save a lot of heavy lifting on account and billing management.

As far as retrieving the other info, I am looking at using the API connector as we can retrieve the Customer ID from the stripe plugin without issue.

Hey, how did you managed to add the Checkout popup from Stripe through the Bubble Stripe plugin?

@andrerojasdiezdeboni it’s just the v3 of the default Bubble plugin. Although it doesn’t work ATM.

@jon4 thanks. The Stripe Self Service plugin looks good.

“The base stripe functionality works fine.”
Do you mean the plugin? it doesn’t work at the moment (v3) as the email address doesn’t pass through.

I suspect that the Stripe plugin V3 uses the client-only integration to accept one-time payments ( This has a number of limitations, including no coupons. There should be no reason why the email address isn’t being passed though nor should there be a reason why we can’t pull standard API customer and subscription data. I am exchanging emails with support about this now.

It looks like some other users reverted back to V2 for more flexibility and reliability…