Getting stripe customer ID from stripe plugin

I tried to implement subscriptions. But the problem is that I dont get the Stripe Customer ID in Bubble. I see it in Stripe but it wont get in the bubble Database.

I followed an instruction video on youtube and there it works. I dont know what Im doing wrong. I read other questions to this topic but I dont see the option in bubble. I use the stripe plugin and the stripe customer portal plugin.

This is how I tried to do it. But The users stripe customer id is still empty. And the customer portal only works when they have an customer ID.

Thanks for your help! I really need it!

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You are not saving anything on this workflow regarding customer ID. Does Result of step 2 has a customer ID being returned? That is what you should use.

You’re just setting the Current User’s Stripe_Customer_ID field (which is empty) to be the Current User’s Stripe_Customer_ID (which is empty).

So of course it will remain empty (you’re just setting it to its existing value, which is empty to begin with).

However, and wherever you’re creating the Customer in the first place, you’ll need to get the Customer ID from there, and save it to your current User.

Yes thats what I thought too.
I sign the user in. In this step the customer will be created. But I get the information about the stripe customer ID from stripe right?

And the sign up step is bevor I connect to stripe. Overall I dont know where to get the stripe customer ID.

Can you show me that?

Thanks for your help!

Are you using a plugin for this?

The problem is I cannot choose “customer id” as an option.
Screenshot 2023-03-07 112126
These are the only options I have to choose from.


For signing the user up? → No

Should I use the stripe plugin for that?

No, I mean for Stripe?

Are you using a plugin (it looks like you’re using the Bubble Stripe plugin)?

If you are, then the Customer ID is a built in System field… so you don’t need to save it manually.

Yes I use the bubble stripe plugin and the bluggin stripe customer portal plugin.

I heard that bevor but it is not shown in the user details and without the customer ID saved in the user data i cannot open the customer portal.

Can you please show me an excample?

But this is the customer portal and when you do this and there is nothing in customer ID it will not work :////

What do you mean it wont work?

Why would it not work?

If it’s not working for you then something else must be wrong…

Have you set up your Stripe API keys correctly in both plugins?

And are you sure you’re using a valid Stripe Customer? (if there is nothing in Customer ID then the User is obviously NOT a Stripe customer)

Now I get it.

Thank you very much! Now it works!

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@ewuehr How did you fix this? I have been going in circles. I setup my workflow the same as you did using the same two plugins. You said that you got it fixed. What did you have to do. Was it your API’s? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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go to the step “make changes to the current user”. Then put in "stripe_customer_ID=Current User’s… Now the important part: After Current User… A drop down menu will open. Then scroll down and down. After your options there will be stripe options. All the way down you will find “Stripe customer ID”. And thats from stripe and not what you created.

Do you understand? I hope I helped. Otherwise write again.


Thank you so much, @ewuehr ! I understand this now. Appreciate your help! All is working…