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Any guide for Stripe Setup?

Hey Guys,
Can you guys recommend any resource or tutorial for me to setup Stripe subscription based payments on Bubble?

Setting up payment is being a problem on bubble for me… Please help

2 Likes has this. Thought you might’ve watched?


I’m looking for something more detailed. Like how I can pull in info of the subscription, all user to change plan, cancel the subscription and also take away access to platform incase of non-payment.

Stripe.js is too complicated I feel. Servicebot is too pricey and has issues of its own.
So, I plan to go with default Stripe by Bubble.

Looking for any video or such with complete guide. Would also pay for the same If necessary.

Is this achievable with Bubble Stripe or should I go with with Stripe.js?

You can use both. Start with Bubble “native” one (which is quite simpler), extend later with Stripe JS if necessary.

As far as I’m concern, I learned how to build API calls by myself. That’s not that complicady, and if you’re able to do this, then you get really independant, which is priceless.

If this way is seducing you, you can start here :

Anyway, I can’t answer your questions as I didn’t use the subscriptions calls in my app, but just get in mind you don’t have to choose now between this or that plugin (or the API way).

Hope that helps,



Thanks, that’s the problem.
Setting up one-time payment thing is easy but subscription thing seems to be a mess to setup on Bubble as I’m not able to find any good guides on the same.

Hi @sanjuujosephh,

Which Route did you take to setup Stripe subscriptions? Bubble plugin, Stripe.js or API?


Bubble plugin

Hey @sanjuujosephh how did you get on with this? I’m just starting out and trying to find answers to the questions you asked in your post…