Stripe Checkout Free Trial Glitch

I have just set up a 14 day free trial for both of my subscription plans using the Stripe Checkout plugin.

The Bubble workflow has the timing of the trial as: “Current day/time + (days): 14 days”

Both pricing plans in Stripe are set up for 14 day free trials.


  • The left bar of Stripe Checkout with product details says “13 Day Free Trial”
  • The text small under the “Start Trial” checkout button is showing 14 days: “If you don’t cancel your trial, you will be charged $79.90 per year, starting August 10, 2020.” (14 days from today - as it should)


What do I have to do so that the large text in the left column says “14 Day Free Trial” to match everything else?

Any help is greatly appreciated!