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Stripe plugin: 14-day paid trial followed by recurring subscription

How do I do this in Stripe:

  • 14-day PAID trial at $1
  • followed by recurring subscription $20/month

Currently I have 2 steps in the workflow:

  1. Charge the current user $1
  2. Subscribe the user to a plan of $20/month, starting 14 days from now

Problems when I do this:

  • It asks for the credit card details twice
  • On the Stripe checkout page, it says FREE TRIAL for 14 days (which may confuse users)

Could you schedule a backend workflow to run 14 days after signup to ‘upgrade’ their subscription. When you do the $1 (14 day trial) that could be a subscription, which when they add their credit card for it would enable you to charge their card again off session when they are not on the site, so it could be an automatic thing.

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Thanks! Sounds complicated but let me try.

I’m always worried about something screwing up with payments that I’m not aware of lol.