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Stripe Checkout page - pre-populate the email address

Stripe Checkout built in page requires the User to provide its email address which will be the one stored within Stripe database.
Given that my application has already collected the user email during sign up I would like to pre-populate the user email in this Checkout form’s field so the user does not have to do it and more importantly to avoid having a different email in Stripe database for the same user.

Looking at Stripe docs, it seems that there is a way to pass an email parameter to Checkout but this function does not exist when I use the Bubble Payment Action : “Subscribe user to a plan” and ticking the box “apply this action to current user” is not helping.

Do we need to ask Bubble to add this within the Element Action ?

Does anyone have a solution ?

Thanks in advance.

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I have the same question. Any guesses?

Actually it works just fine. Things go south if using GPay instead of adding cc and there is different email associated with GPay account

PS. Stripe Plugin v3

What plugin are you using? Or are you using Stripes hosted link? Stripe Hosted Checkout