Stripe Connect integration and customization

We are trying to integrate Stripe Connect with my project but with a customization of seller onboarding process. Currently sellers need to complete the tedious onboarding process before they can accept orders. I would like to make it in a way so that they only have to do it when they accept payouts. An ideal candidate must be familiar with Stripe Connect API and have implemented integration before.

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There are few ready made plug ins for stripe, have you tried them? In any case It looks like a quick thing… I can help you with that, free of charge :slight_smile: dm me if interested.

I would like to customize it in a way to avoid the upfront seller onboarding process. I would like to have someone help me try the following process to see if it works:

(1) create an account object but not initiate the onboarding process.
(2) save the amount paid by the buyer in Bubble.
(3) when the seller initiates the payout process, gen an account link to complete the seller onbarding process.
(4) after onboarding, start a transfer or payout object to transfer the amount to the seller.

I think it might work because, to create a destination charge to a connected account, it only needs its account id but do not require the connected account to complete the onboarding process. (Checked with Stripe guy on Discord.)

Hi David,
I’ve worked with Stripe Connect and payouts for another client, a marketplace for video editors.
I fully understand what you say, we faced the same problem too and wanted to do something similar to what you want. But bear in mind one thing: in Stripe the payout to the seller is linked to the original payment made by the buyer. There’s no way to bypass this. So this means that, for the buyer to make the payment, the seller must have his account connected. Otherwise, you’ll get an error.
There’s no way to make a payment with Stripe Connect if you don’t say, at that exact moment, who is going to be the seller that will get the money after the project (or whatever) is finished.

The only solution to that would be buyers paying to you, the marketplace. And when you want, you make a payment to the seller. But that’s a different model, that’s not Stripe Connect, and you should check any legal implications. If you build a marketplace with Stripe connect and charge a 10% fee, your income at the end of the year is really only that 10% of all transactions. If you do it the other way, where buyers pay to you, your income will be the 100% of transactions and your expenses will be 90% of that.

Great response, Cristian. When I checked Stripe documentation, it shows that it only requires the connected account’s ID to create a destination charge object. Generating the ID does not require the seller to complete the onboarding process though. Is this what you have tried before?

Yes, but afaik the referred account needs to be a valid connect account. That’s only possible if that account has completed the onboarding process earlier.