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API Connector to Stripe Connect

I need someone that can configure the API connector to work with Stripe Connect.

Please DM directly if you can help.


Hi David. Why not use one of the Stripe plugin that already exist?

I want full control of the connection.

You might need Stripe Express for that

The connection is based on Stripe’s documentation. You should use the latest one from Zeroqode. Unless you have a budget to spend about 15-20 hours developing the connections and testing it.

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yep. I am aware of the requirements to get this done.

I need to connect buyers and sellers, so I’m pretty sure I need stripe connect.

This depend on the level on control you want between seller and buyers. This is possible to do it without connect.

If you believe that you need custom plugin ask for Serghei at, they do great for me with custom plugins

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