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Multiparty payment with bubble and stripe

In a market place we are building we would like to

  1. Charge the buyer the cost + plus a fee
  2. Dispense to seller the cost - minus a fee.

Like upwork charges the buyer the cost + a small fee and then gives the money to the seller minus another fee.

We’d like to be able to do the same thing.

Is it possible with bubble and the stripe plugin made by bubble?

Hey @jess thanks for helping on the other thread - any ideas on how a payment scenario like ours could work?

Also adding @Mike_S. Hey looks like you solved the problem. Aside from trying the plugin (which I took a look at and its throwing errors) any advice for someone wanting to do the same thing? And did you end up collecting CC numbers directly?

Also adding @lantzgould who seems to be all over the other stripe posts :slight_smile:

Hi there. Yeah I’ve managed to work out pretty much all types of stripe payments for bubble now without needing any paid plugins. (Stipe connect, recurring subscriptions and one off payments) I’m tied up at my day job at the moment but will ping you back a bit later.

The hero we dont deserve but the hero we need :joy:

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In your solution did you have to collect CC information yourself?

I use stripe to collect the card details for all payment types, this way they are under stripes security.

To get it to work I made 2 custom bubble api connectors, one to setup users on stripe connect as sellers and a second to process destination type payments via stripe express.

On my site I charge a small fixed fee to buyers (on top of sale price) this covers stripe connect express fees + I also skim the seller a % of their listed sale price to make a profit and cover stripes transaction % fee.

For example

Seller lists item - Price = $10
Buyer purchases item - Service/transaction fee of $1 is added . $11 total is charged.

Seller pays a 10% fee of their listed price to App/website owner. - Seller Receives $9

App receives $1 Service/transaction fee + Seller list price percentage fee (10% of $10) =$1
In total $2 is paid to the app/website owner.

Ah gotcha! Thanks @Mike_S!

So the first one connects their account to stripe and the second one does the destination payment.

Your scenario is exactly like ours. To a T. Buyer pays a bit more. Seller gets a bit less.


  1. Does the seller see the full payment in their receipt? Like in your example do they see the $11 minus the $2 and their $9 OR do they see their original $10 and the $1 fee?
  2. Is using stripe express a requirement? I think we’re using standard. Whats the difference?
  3. Are there two stripe fees or just one?
  4. How do you set up the transfer payment?

I tried to sorta mirror what I saw on the other thread but its not that straight forward. Whats source supposed to be? Have not found good docs on how to fill in the API fields.

Thanks so much for helping.

So i actually found a simple way to do exactly what I was looking for using the bubble built plugin.

Have the seller register via connect in a separate process. The plugin supports this.

Have the seller put their item up for sale.

When the buyer goes to buy it you show them the cost + a surchage.

Using the bubble “pay via CC” process to have the buyer pay for the item.

Then create a new task called “transfer to seller”. This will now go to the sellers connected account. Set the charge ID to be the charge id of the previous task. And all the right things happen.

I set up my fees for buyers and sellers as data types so they can be changed whenever with ease and so different tiers can be set for frequent users etc.

You will need to turn off the emails on the stripe side as they are pretty confusing for your users . Stripe send them to all connected users unless you turn them off …
you can make your own emails to tell users about their sales.

Stripe standard is cheaper but the liabilities are on you more. With stripe connect you pay a fee but stripe takes majority of the liabilities and handles it more for you as far as I can tell. It’s also easier to make changes on express.

Oh and I also set up currencies as a user data type based on their chosen country on sign up. This way you can charge multiple currencies rather than force everyone to be on usd for example.

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