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A user has a base subscription (monthly/yearly). He adds an add-on subscription item to the subscription in a few days later. When he deletes the add-on later, the add-on should only be “deleted” at the next billing period. How can I do that?

To defer the deletion of an add-on until the next billing period, you can mark the add-on for removal at the end of the current billing cycle. ,Update the subscription metadata to include information about the add-on and its scheduled removal date>. Track the subscription’s billing cycle to know when the next period starts. Then, set up a scheduled task or webho ok to automate the actual removal of the add-on at the beginning of the next billing cycle. This method make sure the add-on remains active for the remainder of thee current billing period before being removed.

Additionally you can contact stripes customer support through live chat, they provide great assistance( if you have patience)

Thanks for the reply. My understanding is that Stripe can support the deferred deletion, possibly via subscription schedule, except that I don’t want to add phase[1][iterations] because it should keep going. And if it is missing, the phases[1][items][0] won’t be added, it seems.

I was using it, but I was not able to get the answer, since it is mostly answered by AI. :sweat_smile:

Hmm, so to handle the deferred deletion of an add-on in Stripe without creating extra phases or iterations you can simply update the subscription item associated with the add-on and set a proration_date for the end of the current billing period.
This method make that the add-on remains active until the current billing cycle ends, without needing to adjust the subscription schedule structure sStripe automatically handles proration when you update subscription items so it’s a straightforward to manage changes like add-on removals and it keep the subscription clear.

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There are options to connect with live customer support, you need to dig deep

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Stripe will create an invoice preview for the next billing schedule. This preview is not something you can modify. But the preview becomes a draft invoice 1 hour before they attempt to charge, which means you have 1 hour to change the draft invoice, like deleting an invoice item.

Create a webhook to be notified from Stripe of the invoice being created and run the actions on it to remove the invoice item you need to remove via the API calls you’d setup to use in the backend workflow that the webhook triggers.

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The main issue is the tite one-hour window Stripe provides before invocies are finalised, which might not be enough time for handlng more intricate adjustments or dealing with potential delays in recieving webhok notifications.

From my experience, these are nearly instantaneous

it is an API call that gets run automatically, so only really need a minute at most

I have not had any issues with the 1 hour time duration.

But I believe your idea of using the subscription item api call to adjust the proration idea would work well too.