Stripe/Stripe.JS Question

Hello all! I was wondering, when I cancel my subscription with the Stripe.JS (or even the Bubble Stripe Plugin) does it cancel the subscription right then? I need it to cancel my subscription at the end of the billing cycle and stay active until then. Thank you so much! Here is my setup:

Yes, it cancels the subscription at that moment.

Anything on your UI, you’d need to build logic to account for their plans staying active. So maybe adding a data field with “days left in plan” for the user so they can retain membership during the remaining period.

Does that answer your question?


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Yes! Thank you so much!


I need help about making a pause to a subscription and resume it .
Then have a single subscription number attached to a client.

I don’t hnow how to do both.
I can create and cancel subscription from buuble and it works on my stripe account.

Thx for helping me. it’s been 15 days that i try to do it

I think i don’t really understand what a “plan” means and its functions You would probably have to utilize the API connector from Bubble and custom build the pause function. I do not believe any plugins support that (although I am not familiar with the plugins since I just build out the API connector myself).