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STRIPE custom workflow code (SUCCESS_SUBSCRIPTION) is not working?

When using the custom “languages” code SUCCESS_SUBSCRIPTION for a new subscription using the STRIPE plugin the custom workflow isn’t triggered, I still see the default browser alert.

Is this a bug? I surprisingly didn’t find any posts mentioning this yet. Any other “languages” code I’ve used has always worked. All help is welcome, thank you!

Responding for visibility. Is anyone able to lend some knowledge on this matter?

Hi there ! I’m also interested for this !

How to trigger a workflow after the payment is successful ?

Anything you include on the same workflow after the “Subscribe the user…” will be run if it’s successful, and ignored if the subscription is not completed. Hope that helps.

My question is about the default browser prompt that pops up upon successfully subscribing a user and why the “code” to customize it is not working.

Thanks it does help ! :slight_smile:

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