Stripe Customer ID from Bubble plugin

Hi everybody,

I am using Bubble Stripe plugin for subscriptions. So far this is working fine but I am not able to save the customer ID to my database. The reason I need this is that I want to allow users to use the self-service portal (resource provided by @lantzgould) to manage their subscriptions but it requires the Stripe “Customer ID”.

Does anyone know how to do that using the Bubble plugin?

I really appreciate your help = )

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Hey @vinicius.tst.eng

In your ‘create a subscription’ workflow, you should be able to add an action Make changes to User and set the field Stripe Customer ID = Result of Step X

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Hi @ambroisedlg, thanks for the reply bro!

I’ve tried this, but the issue is that the bubble plugin, apparently, does not provide the “Customer ID” so I am not sure how can I retrieve this information.

Thanks for the shout @vinicius.tst.eng ,

Here’s the Portal Plugin if you’d like. (I know we talked about it earlier). It’s only a few API calls, will be adding more soon. But this should make it easier. I usually use Bubble’s built in plugin for initiating subscriptions and collection of cards, then use API calls to do things further.


Thanks, @lantzgould, this plugin is amazing and very promising!

I am using Bubble’s built plugin to subscribe the user to a plan, so it automatically creates the customer and payment method (and, of course, subscribe the user to the selected plan).

The thing is, I am not able to redirect the user to the self-service portal without knowing his customer ID, and this needed to be provided by the Bubble Stripe plugin. So, any idea how to retrieve this information? Maybe using an API for that? (I have no idea how to do that)

Thanks a lot!!


You should be able to retrieve this by using the built in bubble one I believe.



This is awesome bro! But this is not getting the info idk why…

This is returning blank information to my database.

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Are you logged in as the user?

The workflow should be of the user. So the user would select the plan or subscribe > Then the ‘make changes to user’ should be ‘current user’ with the Customer ID = Current User’s Stripe Customer ID

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Thanks a lot! @lantzgould!! It is working now! = )

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