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Stripe - Dynamically generated price to create a subscription

Hi, I’m creating a customer panel where you can buy credits on a subscription basis.

The price varies depending on the selected number of credits and months.

As mentioned above, I need to use a subscription payment method so that the user is billed monthly and not on a one-off basis.

I was able to create a subscription and assign it to a previously defined product with a price created in the Stripe panel. The problem is that the price would have to be constructed dynamically based on the provided price argument.

I used the Stripe API Subscriptions plugin to create the subscription .(Stripe API Subscriptions Plugin | Bubble)

The only price parameter that I can pass is its ID, once created in the Stripe panel.

Is it possible to dynamically create a given price and pass it on in some way? I was looking for similar threads in the forum, but they refer to the older version of the Stripe.js plugin.

I attach screenshots of how the workflow looks like now and the arguments passed. If it would be useful, I can make a video showing how the workflow currently created works.

Dynamically pricing for subscription is not possible. Can you give me some actual product that have similar pricing like you?