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Stripe Element not showing

Hi all

I am using the Stripe.js plugin with the payment “Stripe Element”. It works like a charm… besides the weird cases where the “Stripe Element” simply does not show up.

I have tested multiple scenarios, but so far only found that at least on Internet Explorer it never shows.

Has anyone else experienced this? And even better, know any reason for the Element to show sometimes, sometimes not?

I can’t find anything in the logs/anywhere else about why it would not show.

UPDATE: It seems to happen when the window is resized! Then the element disappears after a (somewhat random) break point.

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Hey @maja-overgaard

This may sound dumb, but are you sure your API keys are filled in / correct in the Stripe.js plugin configuration?

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Could have been the case :wink: But API keys are filled in and I have received lots of payments.

So the plugin and setup IS working. But then there are the occasional glitches where the Element does not show up at all for the end-user. And I cannot debug why this happens.

UPDATE: It seems to be related to the screen size! If a user resizes or is at a too small screen, the element will not show. Investigating further…

You might need to review the element structure. Have you checked if a group or another element was overlapping with the Stripe element?

Yes, nothing is overlapping. Take a look at this example:

When the Stripe Element and Group (which contains the Element) are both responsive, the Stripe Element disappears at a certain break point.

When the Stripe Element and Group (which contains the Element) are both fixed size, everything works well.

When the Stripe Element is fixed and Group (which contains the Element) is responsive, the Element disappears again.

@maja-overgaard I was able to reproduce this issue on my end, turns out it’s probably because you’re using one of the latest versions of the Stripe.js plugin

Based on my tests just now, the problem appears from version 1.9.207 - could you please change the version to 1.9.206 and try again?

Hope that helps! Tagging @copilot for visibility


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You are right! It works perfect now when reverting back to 1.9.206.

Thank you so much for helping out on this one, I really appreciate that!

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Happy to help @maja-overgaard !! Glad it’s working

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@copilot I filed a bug report 12 days ago. Still haven’t heard anything from you on this bug - can you please provide an update? :slight_smile:

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Good Heavens! This has been causing me so much trouble and reverting to 1.9.206 did the trick! =D

FYI, I was on version 1.9.234 (latest)

My word, what a thing to have solved.