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Stripe.js 2 (Copilot) Throwing Error

I’ve already submitted two bug reports to Copilot and haven’t received a response (AFAIK), so coming here to see if anyone has experienced something similar and knows how to resolve it. This is for their Stripe.js 2 plugin. Unfortunately we’ve had to pause all new sign-ups and lost a lot of revenue potential over it, so frustrating to say the least.

Below is the error I’m getting in the debugger I’m getting on the page where the Stripe Card Element is placed…

The plugin Stripe.js 2 / element Stripe element threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘destroy’) at (PLUGIN_1491714407143x279212378954661900/Stripe-js-2-initialize–Stripe-element-.js:38:32) at eval (PLUGIN_1491714407143x279212378954661900/Stripe-js-2-update–Stripe-element-.js:4:38) (please report this to the plugin author)

Anyone experience something similar? How did you resolve it (if at all)? Using the latest version.

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If anyone ever comes across this forum thread, I found our solution.

The Stripe.js 2 plugin was conflicting with Zeroqode’s AWS plugin on page. After removing an uploader, it seems to work. Not entirely sure, and we now have to find a workaround for the uploader, but got the Element to finally display.

After a lot of reading, seems plugin conflicts are the main reason the Element won’t show, although there doesn’t seem to be any sort of rhyme or reason as to why.