Stripe.js 2 - Save PaymentMethod, set as new default

Hi @copilot, I’m following your course and I’m trying to save a new payment method under a users profile.

I found the api call to “Retrieve a PaymentMethod” but it is giving me the following error:


Secondly I can’t find a call that will update the PaymentMethod to be the new default. Is this in the works?

Thank you!

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Hey, just FYI. He doesn’t monitor the forum. This is how you would contact him.

Thank you! i’ll try that.

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Did you ever find the answer as to how to update the PaymentMethod to be the new default?

I figured it out. To set a default payment method for a customer use the Stripe.js - Customer - Update action. Assign it the Customer ID and the Payment Method ID to use and viola… default payment method assigned.