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Stripe form showing bubble instead of my company in onboarding form

Hi everyone!

Anyone using Stripe Connect run into this issue? The form that the user is taken to on Stripe’s site is showing bubble instead of my company in two places. I’ve updated my stripe info a few times, chatted with them for awhile (they thought it might have been a cache issue), cleared cache/browsing info/history, logged out, restarted… and still when I test connecting an account Bubble appears instead of my app’s info.

Any ideas?

The page this all starts from requires you to be logged in but you can delete your account from the dashboard if you’d like to test it out:

Update: The user connecting their stripe account to my app’s can change that info but if they don’t Bubble is what appears on the customer’s credit card statement.

Any ideas?

I believe you simply need to change/register your business in your own Stripe dashboard.

Go to Account Settings, and change the name. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Thanks for the suggestion!

It didn’t work… the info there is correct.

Can you share a screenshot of the Bubble mention?

It’s here:

Thank you!

I think it’s an issue on our end, we’ll push a fix today

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Thank you thank you thank you!!!

It should be fine now, let us know if not.


Thank you!!