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Stripe registration (seller) doesn't work with Bubble Stripe Plugin?

Dear all,

I am using the Bubble’ Stripe plugin to register users as sellers on my platform.

Stripe Connect is correctly configured in my Stripe Dashboard (test), and the URI as been set to a page where the registered users are then redirected too (this page is a kind of routing page : can I do that or should I wait few seconds in order for Bubble to correctly manage the poststripeauth stuff ?)

During my tests with test users (some of them create a stripe account during the workflow, some others have alreeady a stripe account), I don’t get any error and users are correctly redirected to my platform, the poststripeauth URI first then the destination page.

BUT, the “Current user’s Stripe seller account’ Id” is ALWAYS empty, so I can’t check if the registration worked… But in my (test) Stripe Dashboard, I have no connected account, so I guess either I miss something, either that does not work.

I’m using the Bubble’ Stripe plugin V3 (should I use V2, didn’t tested yet…)

Many help for any help or guidance you could bring to me !

Any luck resolving this? I’m having the same issue. The process looks like it’s working great, and then after stripe the /poststripeauth page just says “Please Wait” and nothing happens.

hey! i seen you commented on my other post this is the problem im having did you figure it out? It didnt work for me yet

I had to use the @ZeroqodeSupport Stripe Marketplace plugin, which is a paid plugin but of high quality and excellent results. Great ROI for Stripe use cases implementation.

I only had to implement the Account token creation using the API connector, but the Stripe documentation is one of the best of the IT world, so it’s not a problem.

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Thank you! Did you have any trouble getting the users info like… bank… name. birthday ect. over to stripe? i can’t seem to get the info in over there…

I don’t use and need this info. I’m using the Stripe Connect Onboarding workflow, so that the whole sellers registration is managed on Stripe side.

Cool do you mind showing me your setup ? when you have the time…

It appears to work. Reading the documentation you would think that replacing with your domain would be the correct step in adding the URI. It is not. Add the URI of and bubble will do the rest and return your user to the page they started on. Good luck To test it, put this in the URI https: // (note: remove any spaces in my url) if you try posting in the forum with no spaces it looks like this Stripe Authentication

Stripe - Bubble Docs.

Hopefully we can get some positive results here.