Stripe; how to change text "Update your subscription" (screenshot)

In the Stripe Subscription pop-up, how do you change the text “Update your subscription” to something like “Subscribe > $9.99/ month plan”? It’s not in the language tab in settings.

I think that message shows even the first time you subscribe in which case you are not updating but simply subscribing. In this case the message is confusing. Ideally should show plan amount.

Go to Settings> Languages> scroll to Stripe messages


Thanks but that’s for messages. I am talking about text in the CC popup itself above where the credit card goes. The text “Update your subscription”. Where can I change that?

I was wondering this too; I don’t think it is currently possible to customize it. When “Update existing subscription” is unchecked in the workflow action, the “Update Your Subscription” text is still in the popup.

In this article, I think the “data-description” attribute looks like it’s used to customize the caption text (though not 100% sure).

@neerja do you know if it would it be possible to add the ability for us to customize this in the “Subscribe a User to a Plan” action?

Thank you so much!

I think Bubble implemented Stripe subscription with that text* hard-coded. If not, please correct me.

  • “Update Your Subscription” Changing is very important.

It is not updatable via the Settings Language tab.


We’ll add this as a app message.


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