Bubble Stripe Plugin: Subscription Update (Modification) is Broken

Reported and logged as bug number 8057.

Bubble’s Stripe plugin action: “Subscribe User to a Plan” is broken in the following way:

The action allows you to put a new subscription on the user OR to modify an existing subscription (like so):

HOWEVER, when you do this (specify an existing sub to update – note Update existing subscription checkbox), Bubble just goes and creates a new sub anyway, without modifying the specified subscription.

I’m not sure when this broke but it’s very broken right now.

I sent an example to Bubble but am not sharing it here except via screenshot as it’s in my production app.

But you can see the behavior here: For example, let’s try and modify this subscription by clicking this button:

Bubble tells us the following:

But what we find is that the sub IS NOT modified and, in fact, Bubble has created a NEW subscription and now our user is subscribed both to the ORIGINAL plan as well as to the NEW plan. (To which we say, “Oh FFS, Bubble, really?”) Here’s the screenshot:

I’m puzzled why nobody has noticed this. Users certainly notice when they get effing billed twice. Just saying.

In addition to the bug reported here, I’ve also noted that it would take about 5 seconds for Bubble to improve the upgrade/downgrade action by adding fields for boolean “prorate” and for “proration date”. I know other users have asked for these features and there’s simply no excuse for them not being implemented in the “Subscribe User…” action.

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BTW, this is broken in both V2 and V3 of Stripe plugin.

What’s going on here is pretty obvious: Bubble is not making the correct call when an existing sub ID is specified. (Creating a new sub involves hitting the subscription endpoint without an ID. To update a subscription we must hit the endpoint with the ID.)

The sub ID is simply not being provided when it’s specified.

This is giving me headaches

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Hi @keith

What I do is unsubscribe (remove all subscriptions) and subscribe again.

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