Stripe, how to let the customer edit its account


I’m using Stripe Express onboarding : the customer clicks on a button which redirects him to the Stripe Oauth onboarding process.

So far so good.

Now, let’s say the customer won’t fill all requirements at first visit (ID scans for example).

Or maybe he would like to change his account number some day.

How could I redirect him to some Stripe interface ?

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You can create a link to the connected account’s Express Dashboard using the Create Login Link API.

Then just link to the returned URL. There they can see all their payout details, provide ID, and view and make changes to their account information etc.

Hell Adam,

Thanks a lot for helping !

I’m very happy because this is my very first Stripe API call on my own, just thanks to the manual… and you. Thanks also to @ambroisedlg who showed me some good examples.

This is working perfect. Wow, I understand now the API connector plugin’s power…

Just in case someone else would be looking for the same thing :

With of course the Authorization key as a Shared header.

Thanks again, @adamhholmes, now I need to learn Webhooks as you mentionned in the other post :slight_smile:


PS. what would be the best practice : opening the Express Dashboard in the same tab, or a new one ? And if so, how could I set the “Open an external website” to open in a new tab ?

Yeah, once you get your head around how the API connector works it opens up a whole world of new possibilities…

Webhooks are easy enough to set up, I managed to get it working from Stripe almost first time, so if you need any help worth that just ask.

As to whether to open the dashboard in the same window or a new window, it’s a good question and ultimately up to you - but, as I couldn’t find a way to add a link back to my app from the dashboard, I decided it was better to open the Express dashboard in a new window.

You can’t use the workflow>navigation>open_external_site action for that as it doesn’t let you open external sites in a new window.

Instead you need to run some simple Javascript.

You’ll need a plugin that allows you to run javascript as an action (there’s one called ‘JavaScript Workflows’, and another called ‘Toolbox’ - they’re both free).

Then, instead of using ‘open external site’ in your workflow after you’ve created the dashboard link, just choose the ‘run javascript action’ and enter the following code:“URL”)

Keep the brackets and quotations - just replace URL the result of the ‘get dashboard link’ API’s URL.

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Fantastic !

Thank you so much Adam. That simple. Ok, it worked at first try with the Toolbox I previously installed…

I’ll take care of Webhooks tomorrow.

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