Stripe Subscription in Live mode


We have built an education app, in which students will pay and they will get Digital Marketing Case Studies.
To receive payments from students I have installed the plugin Stripe. (i have added the API keys in the stripe plugin)
I have made the plan on the Stripe dashboard also and added the price API in the bubble

Once the user selects the plan, his/her subscription period will start.

I have set the workflow in my app.
When a user clicks on Rs 750 button, first it will collect the user card information and then payment should happen.

I have followed all these steps shown in this -

Also, I have found the video (same as above) -

The above workflow works properly in test mode but in live mode, it’s not working.
Getting this error

Please let me know if I am missing any steps.

There is sometimes an error in Stripe when you go live,
where if you go to your plugin where you add your API keys you will have to put your live keys everywhere (not just where it says live but also where it says test) so this is something you could check. Before clicking “go live” again, make sure the right subscription plan is seleted.


Sorry for the late reply.
I have added the API live keys in the test mode also.
But still facing the same problem.