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Stripe.js 2 CC field now appears garbled

Hi there,

I have been using the Stripe.js 2 plug in to sign up new users for almost a year now quite successfully. However, within the last few weeks my new signups have been reporting that the credit card field is appearing garbled and they are unable to successfully input their payment information.

It appears that the credit card # field and the CVC field are appearing centered within the field when it used to be left and right justified (separated).

I was a little out of date on the version of the plug in and I’ve since updated it, but the problem persists. Here is an image of the problem…

Has anyone seen this or have any insight as to what is going on?


Hey @underhill.dan,

We’d be happy to take a look if you file a bug report with us! There’s a bit of a backlog with our recent additions but we’re working our way through. :slight_smile:

I have submitted a bug report. Hopefully this can be resolved because currently, I’m getting notified by many potential new users about their inability to sign up with our service because they cannot enter their payment information properly.

FYI: I have tried adding a new Stripeelement to see if the previous one was somehow corrupted. It didn’t make a difference. The new Stripeelement is the same way.

UPDATE: By isolating the plug ins we are using in our app, I was able to identify that the problem stemmed from using the “Styled Checkbox” plug in with Stripe. Since this was not a mission critical plug in, we have removed it and the formatting for the Stripe credit card field has reverted back to normal.