Stripe.js 2 error

Hi there,

Yesterday we are starting to get reports from new users trying to sign up using the Stripe.js 2 plug in of the following error:

" The plugin Stripe.js 2 / action Start payment with a Stripe Element threw the following error: i@


s/<@ (please report this to the plugin author)"

Anyone out there that can guide us in this? We haven’t changed anything recently in our Bubble app so this is brand new. Right now we are having to pause all new signups.

Thanks, Dan

I think you’re not the only one encountering this error. Someone else reported a similar issue a few days ago on the forum. Unfortunately, it looks like this is a problem with the plugin itself. Looks like it’s made by the folks at Copilot. You’ll have to reach out to them and ask them to fix their code.

Hello, I hope you are well! I was wondering if you have found the solution or not? Because I have the same problem now…