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Stripe JS.2 = connect a seller account (with existing stripe account)

Hello there !
I successfully charge a customer in my app with my stripe account, using Stripe.JS 2 plugin from @copilot

Now I need to do the same, but instead me getting the payment, it will be a seller (company). I’ve activated Connect on my Stripe account.

I can access to the stripe seller id of my seller.

But I’m stuck with how to do it.

I tried to add the seller id on the Payment intent (I replace seller id with xxxxx for this post) :

But I got the following error on the Start Payment action (step 4 of the WF, can’t get the client secret) :

{"error":{"code":"account_invalid","doc_url":"","message":"The provided key 'sk_test_bm****************************Lekm' does not have access to account 'acct_*************' (or that account does not exist). Application access may have been revoked.","type":"invalid_request_error"}}

(all this in dev mode in bubble)

Maybe @copilot or someone else can help ? thanks a lot

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