Stripe.js plugin + Create New Thing causing unexpected error


After a couple of days of troubleshooting, I have identified an issue with the Stripe.js plugin by Copilot and the standard workflow step “Create a New Thing” that I am wondering if anyone else has encountered or immediately recognises as to what is causing the issue.

In my test application I have set up two pages: index and index_b

When each page is previewed, they both show a sign up button in the top right hand corner, which when clicked shows a Sign Up form. When completing the form and clicking the final “Sign Up” button the Stripe.js element creates a token (use the Stripe test credit card 4242 4242 4242 4242 with any valid future date and any numeric digits for CVV/C and ZIP)

And on successful completion triggers the following workflow (stripped back to bare minimum for troubleshooting and issue resolution purposes):

The only different between the two pages is that the workflow on index populates a field in the new Investment Company data type:


and index_b does not (note that I have duplicated the Header reusable element to achieve this):



index_b will succesfuly create the new Investment Company, and index will timeout on the work flow and after timing out, clicking on the page will show this error:

Has anyone seen this before or know what is going on? I have bought the Copilot training to see if I am dong something wrong and its seems I am not, and I have also attempted to book some time with Copilot for troubleshooting but I may have some difficulty getting timezone alignment anytime soon.

I am also raising with Copilot and Bubble as a potential bug.