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Bug with Stripe.js? (copilot plugin)

Hello everyone! how are you guys doing? Hope all of you are starting a great 2022!

I’m using stripe connect, for connecting customers with recurrent subscriptions from other users, sellers.

I’m having this bug-error in version-test only (working fine in live for some reason)

Action Create payment method with Stripeelement B - The plugin Stripe.js 2 / action Create payment method with a Stripe element threw the following error: TypeError: is not a function
    at eval (PLUGIN_1491714407143x279212378954661900/Stripe-js-2-element_action--Stripe-element-Create-payment-method-with-.js:3:323)
    at (please report this to the plugin author)
 {original_error: TypeError: is not a function
    at eval (PLUGIN_1491714407143x27921237895466190…, element_instance: null, action: t.exports, code: '1641360637514x920037866704252800'}

Does any of you had the same error, in similar circumstances? how did you solve it? I need to have the subscriptions available en version-test environment for testing…

Maybe someone at @copilot ?

Thank you all!

hello anyone!! any help in this pls?

Thank’ya all!

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