Stripe.js - issue refund on subscriptions; how to get PaymentIntent

I am creating a check-out for my subscription business using Stripe.js - and I am stuck on the final small detail.

How do I get PaymentIntent or Charge returned from the API?

The subscription is created using “Stripe.js - subscription - create”, which - in contrast to the “Stripe.js - Paymentintent - Create” doesn’t create a paymentintent. The latter can only be used for 1 time products as I can see.

And in order to use the “Stripe.js - Refund - Create”, the parameter of PaymentIntent or Charge is required.

Longer story
I have successfully set up the creation of a user, attach payment method and creating a subscription. The subscription charge is done every 4 weeks and the actual delivery is 4 boxes. I want to allow the user to cancel one or more boxes every month.

My idea is to do this by simply creating a refund for number of boxes cancelled in the month (better suggestions are welcome as well!).

However, to do this I need the paymentIntent Id or Charge for that month’s subscription. Where do I get that from?

In case someone else is looking for the same: I figured it out by building my own API. Happy to write more about the solution if anyone is in need of it.

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Hello, if you could please share what API call you used to refund a subscription payment? thank you

Sorry, I’m first seeing this now. Do you still need it? :slight_smile:

@maja-overgaard I am in need of this API. Thanks in advance!