Stripe.js Plugin, Capture Payment from Seller Account

Hello @copilot ,

I am using Stripe.js plugin by cobubble, and converted the Destination Charge to Direct Charge by using

“Stripe.js – Seller – Charge Payment to Platform Customer”

Now, in this case the payment is directly gone to Seller Sripe Account after authorization. I need to capture the charge from Seller Stripe Account by using Stripe.js plugin in my application.

Before I was using

“Stripe.js – Platform – Capture an Authorized Charge”,
( Need to Change for Seller )

but after converting to direct charge I need to let Seller Capture the Charge since Seller directly views the Payment from the end customer to his stripe dashboard.

Is there any method to capture the charge by Seller itself inside the stripe.js plugin instead of platform. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


We’d be happy to take a look, but only through (we’ve noted this quite a lot). :slight_smile: