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Stripe integration for different users of a platform

I am developing a SaaS platform that allow uses to connect their stripe account and collect payment from their individual customer. I don’t want to collect the payment and payout to the users like marketplace. There is no commission for using my app. These users subscribed to plan before they can use my platform. Is there a stripe plugin that allows me to do this, or is there a better solution to handling such a situation?

Stripe offer different ways to handle connect accounts and payments.

You can either take the money as the platform and then transfer to the connect account, or you can act on behalf of the connect account and process directly to their account.

I think if you look at ‘direct’ charges within the Stripe api that will be what you want.

The Bubble standard Stripe plugin may be able to handle this as it’s a pretty straightforward use case.

If it doesn’t, @nocodeventure has a great Stripe marketplace plugin if you don’t want to build the API’s yourself

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Thank you very much for your reply. The problem with taking money as the platform and transferring the money to them is that stripe will collect a commission for doing the transfer. Since I don’t collect commission, I will be on the losing side.
I am actually of the direct charges, no middle man. Does the bubble standard stripe plugin handle dynamic API key?
I will check out the nocodeventure stripe plugin out later.

You can definitely do this with Stripe, but as for the Stripe plugins - I’m not sure. It would be the connect standard integration approach so the buyer and seller connect directly and there is no additional transfer fees other than the seller paying the normal stripe charges.

I haven’t tried to build this exact use case for any of my apps, but my general experience with the Stripe plugins is that they are all lacking in some way (they may not cover your use case even though the Stripe API has that functionality) and once you hit an error it’s extremely difficult to understand what’s going on as you don’t get the error codes and descriptions back from the API to point you in the right direction.

I’m not sure where your skill level is at, but the Stripe API is extremely easy to work with and I’ve always found it easier to just integrate with that directly and avoid the plugins. They honestly create more work and are harder to understand than just referring to the Stripe API documentation.

But if you do want to try plugins, you will need to try the marketplace stripe plugins as you do need to go through a process to connect the sellers stripe account with your stripe account (using their connect product) on seller sign up and then have the payments routed correct when they come through.

It’s not possible to use the standard Stripe plugins in this way as they are only meant to be used with your own Stripe account and will not connect with multiple accounts.

That’s not exactly true - I think it’s direct charges that Stripe takes the fee from the connect account not the platform account.

You don’t need a dynamic API key, you just need the seller account number which you can store as a text field on the user.

It is possible to use the Bubble Stripe plugin for marketplaces - it just has limited use cases. But I’m pretty sure this one would fit as it’s the most straightforward marketplace use case.

Here’s a link to the Stripe pricing page. Under the standard integration there is no platform cost

Sorry, I stand corrected. I had never noticed that functionality in the Bubble Stripe plugin. Actually it only supports the standard integration which is what @Famous is looking for, so works out perfectly :grinning:

Thanks, I’m very familiar with Stripe’s pricing :slight_smile:

I’m talking about who is charged the credit card processing fees not the additional fees for express or custom connect accounts.

With a standard connect, using direct charges the connected account is responsible for the fees, with destination the platform is responsible for credit card fees (or vice versa but it’s in the docs).

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