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Stripe plugin by bubble for stripe connect

Do I understand that right?

I am building a two sided marketplace and I set up Stripe connect (with the bubble plugin).

The way it seems to be set up is that the seller is creating a standard account and connecting this standard account (not express) to my Stripe account. Due to the idea of a standard account, the seller is anyway in charge for everything (sending receipt, refunds, capture money etc), because I think I can not even send a receive with this set up. Is that right?

I also understand that when the user (buyer) presses “Book now” after typing the CC details, the CC doesn’t get charged until the user captures the money. This actually means, the moment the seller captures the money, the seller agrees to the booking. If the seller does not agree to the booking, the seller simply does not capture the payment. This is actually a kind of “reserve” functionality. Did I understand that right?

I also learned that if the seller gives a refund, the seller still has to pay the stripe fee and my app fee. Is this by default of Stripe or can I change that in the workflow?

I appreciate any thoughts.


If you’re using the Bubble Stripe plugin, then yes, by default you’ll be using Direct Charges (meaning the customer is dealing directly with the seller and will see their details at checkout and on receipts, and the seller is responsible for all the Stripe fees etc), and will be setting up an Express account.

As far as I can see there’s no way to change that in the Bubble Stripe plugin.

If you want to use Express accounts and Destination charges (as Stripe recommends for most marketplaces) you can try using Zeroqode’s Stripe Marketplace plugin (although I couldn’t get destination charges to work through that - but at least you have the option to choose Standard or Express accounts).

Alternatively you can do what I did and just ditch the plugins altogether and use Bubble’s API connector.

Once you get your head around how Stripes API works it’s actually pretty simple, and it gives you complete control over everything, form the onboarding process, to how you create charges, and how you handle refunds.


Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply. Seems like I got it more or less right.

Just got confused here:

“…and will be setting up an Express account…”

I understood that the sellers who are connected to my Stripe connect account just creating a standard account and not an express account?

Did I got that wrong?


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is there a guide to use the API connector to use stripe?

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Not specifically for using bubble’s API connector, but it’s simple enough.

Stripes API documentation is very good

You just need to understand the correct formatting in the API connecter and then it’s simple. Took a while for me to figure it out, but once I had the rest was easy.

If you’d like me to give some specific details of how to set it up just let me know.

thanks Adam, if you have 15-30 mins available we can jump into a zoom call, you have no obligation to help me but I would greatly appreciate it if you do!

or even easier, you can also give me read access (not write) to your app so I can get an idea how you did it. if you don’t mind thanks!

Hi Adam, if you could also help me out in understanding this further it would be greatly appreciated.