Did the Stripe.js plugin break today for anyone else?

There was an update yesterday and again today, and this plugin often breaks for me on updates, but I wanted to see if it’s just me.

(I also finally updated from the legacy Bubble plan to the professional, so that may have something to do with it.)

Today I’m getting a couple of errors depending on the workflow:

  1. “The plugin Stripe.js threw the following error: Stripe is not defined”… Apparently, this one may have to do with Stripe being loaded after other javascript, but I’m not sure.

  2. “The plugin Stripe.js threw the following error: Can’t find variable: Stripe”… Can’t find any possible solutions for this one.

Both errors seem to be associated with the tokenization process, converting cards/bank accounts/id numbers to tokens.

Anyone else?

Hey @philnauta,

We noticed issues with tokenization yesterday which were resolved for the latest version, released today. Can you give us a shout at plugins@cobubble.com so we can investigate further? Thanks! :slight_smile: