Stripe.js Plugin Not Working


I’ve been following the Stripe.js courses, and all I’m trying to do is add a default payment method.

When I use 1 workflow for steps 1 & 2, no default payment method is added.

However, when I separate them into 2 workflows, no default payment is added and the description doesn’t get changed either. This means that separating the workflows doesn’t help anything.

Does anyone know how to add the default payment method? Or is the Stripe.js plugin not reliable like someone else said?

Step 1

Step 2


Can I ask for a bit clarity on what you mean by default payment method?

Are you trying to create any payment method, or is it one you want to be recalled as the automatic default payment amongst multiple other payment methods attached to the customer?

Also are you using Stripe.js or Stripe.js 2?

If the latter then what you are trying to do can probably be best achieved using payment intents.

This course covers how to do it:
videos 8 to 12 specifically.