Stripe.js - retrieving payment history in a Connect environment

Tagging @copilot in case he wants to help

I have a subscription marketplace, where multiple sellers can offer users subscription access. I’m having trouble retrieving invoice history for users. Stripe.js allows me to pull invoices based on the subscription ID - however I can’t do that if the “retrieve a subscription” call from stripe.js doesn’t allow me to enter the seller’s Connect account. Any solutions?

Try Stripe-Essentials Plugin | Bubble plugin II created to complement Stripe.js in one of my apps. It should have Retrieve Invoices though it does return free trial invoices which are usually $0.

Is that going to work for Connect users?

Do you know how to use API connector. I can send you a code that will work with that?

Yes, I can use the API connector

That should work with Connect Users. Also use as Data not Action as the image suggests.

Stripe-Account parameter is the connect user account id

Awesome, thanks! I’ll try to get that going tonight

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. Corrected to use in a Repeating Group

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Worked great, thanks

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