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Stripe API Calls for your Account and Connected Accounts

I copy-pasted and released two sets of my API calls for Stripe in the Plugins
One for your Account : Stripe - Get data
One for Connected Accounts : Stripe Marketplace - Get Connected Accounts’s data


Your service link for both these plugins leads to a blank page. How do I install them? I would love to play around with them. And also do you have any other custom plugins?

Never mind. I just figured how to install it. Thank you!

Can you add function to create connected account?

which api call ?

I saw you also have Stripe Actions plugin.
This one I am interested in

you’re aware if you by-pass the “Register as a seller” process made by Bubble, you may not get the User’s Stripe seller account’id updated ?

Do I ever need to update the seller account id? I thought you create it once, save it under the user in bubble and forget about it.

I don’t think Bubble will automaticcaly update your user’s stripe infos. How would it know your user is registered with a connected account ?
And if don’t, you won’t be able to use “Charge the user” action with “the payee is another user” option

what is your use case ? may be easier to help this way

I want to retrieve the subscription ID with your plugin STRIPE - GET DATA

What I put for the plugins keys:

then I tried several things for the (path) subscription_id and (header) Stripe-account without success

Does anyone know how to manage it ?