Stripe retrieve user payments information

Hi, anyone knows how to retrieve a user payments information?
I figure how to retrieve an invoice but it seems that its only for recurring payments (subscriptions) but what about one time payments?
I would like the user to have access to the products and payments they have purchased in my platform.

Any idea how to do this using the stripe plugin made by bubble?

Thank you

Hey @ramon.sicre

Stripe is made to accept payments, it’s not an inventory or order management system. I would suggest setting up an ‘Order’ data type in your app. You can then create a new Order every time a User buys something on your app, and add this Order in the User’s database.
You can then display those Orders for that User in a page on your app.

Hope that helps

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Got it! thank you for your input :slight_smile:

This seems to not be very accurate either if you want real time information. I have been testing a daily subscription and it seems my invoices are not accessible in real time. So when a subscription updates and payment is successful, the current users invoices will not return the most recent invoice as is available in Stripe. So on September 6, 2020 I do not see the invoice for the payment of a subscription made on September 6, 2020 and instead the most recent invoice is available for the payment made on September 5, 2020, despite seeing in the Stripe Account the payment for September 6, 2020…a major flaw

I guess I will have to do the order management with an invoice request button. :expressionless:

btw @ramon.sicre I would strongly advise to build a custom invoice system to:

  • control the design of your invoices
  • store them in your DB and send them by email instead of pulling invoices from Stripe
  • avoid having to rely on a third party for each transaction


Need extra help?

Book a free 15 minutes call - happy to help if I can

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