Stripe.js - saving card reference data

Hey everyone!

I just updated my version of stripe.js and I am wondering, when I create a card for a customer, how will I be able to save reference data of the cards for later use (i.e. brand name, last 4, etc.)? Is this something that has just be deleted out of the plugin altogether?

Also, are there any tutorials on all the changes of the plugin?!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You should get a Payment Method id (pm_xxx) when you create an intent or new card. That will have the last4 and brand. I think the payment source also returns that info.

Hi @corey.dorsa.

Did you finally find a way to fix your issue? I’m stuck since 4 hours, trying to find a solution.

Thanks for your help.

How do you get the Last4 or Brand out of the Payment Method ID? I can get the PM_ ID fine and so forth, but is the Last4 or Brand, etc. exposed somehow? I can’t seem to find it.