Is there a way to get Stripe's card id with Stripe Checkout?

Hi guys, this is a quick question.

I’m making a market place app and I’m sending my users to Stripe Checkout via “Charge the current user” event. I’m able to retrieve PM id and PI id through backend/webhook, but I cannot find the way to retrieve card ID and so that later users will be able to switch their credit card.

I’m aware that Stripe.js 2’s “customer create” and creating “stripe token” will create the card id but what I’m asking is to get the id without going to that route and through the charge the current user/Stripe Checkout or maybe simply by Get data from external API?

If anyone know how to do this please let me know.

I’ve asked the Stripe support and Webhook’s “payment_intent.succeeded:” can pull the Card ID.

If anyone know other ways, please let me know.

I’m dealing with the exact same issue. Did you find any luck regarding fixing it?


May I ask how you finally solved that @ambivalent.corp ? I have the same issue, mostly because when I use the Collect a user’s credit card from Stripe the cards already exist in Stripe but I can’ t use them for my marketplace without the card_id. The webhook solution sounds difficult.