Stripe.js Stripetoken Error w/ Bank Account Token

I’ve run into an error with the “Convert Bank Account to Stripe Token” workflow.

I have a form that allows a seller to load a bank account where they will receive payments. I’d like to have the functionality for a user to add multiple bank accounts and choose a default (or remove old bank accounts).

My workflow worked the first time: Press button --> Convert bank account to stripe token --> when stripetoken B for a bank account has been created --> Set a custom seller’s bank account

However, when I try to add a second bank account, I’m getting an error at the “convert bank account to stripe token” stage. I’ve included the error images below. Can anyone help??


Hey @tyler2!

As noted in numerous places such as the Stripe.js plugin description and the Stripe.js forum thread, the best way to get Stripe.js bugs investigated and addressed is by directly reaching out to us. :+1: