Stripe.js Subscriptions - Payment Method Error


I am building a ERP/marketplace. I have gyms that have their members for which they have subscriptions.

I am trying to create subscriptions for members for which the gym creates but I keep getting an error in Stripe. I tried multiple things after reading on Bubble’s Forum but nothing seems to be working.

What I’m trying accomplish:

  1. Gym A wants to create a new subscription plan

  1. Gym A has a new member

  1. Gym A wants to subscribe this member to a plan

This is the error I am getting on the connected account’s logs:

This is the error I am getting on the platform’s logs:

This is the information I saved in the app’s DB

I tried adding a step “Customer Update” but I get the following errors:

Error 1:

Error 2:

Unrelated to this subject: Is there a way to bulk create customers and subscriptions? For example, if a gym is switching from their current software to my software and they don’t want to enter each customer manually. Is there a way to upload it in my app and then create all the customers in Stripe automatically? What about subscriptions?

Thank you,