Stripe.js "Unknown Paramater" Error for every POST method

Several days ago, every Stripe.js method worked perfectly, but now I get an error every time I try to log data for a Custom Seller. Whenever I use methods like “Create a Custom Seller”, “Update a Custom Seller’s DOB”, “Update a Custom Seller’s Address”, etc. I get the following error:

Raw error:{

“error”: {

“code”: “parameter_unknown”,

“doc_url”: “”,

“message”: “Received unknown parameter: legal_entity”,

“param”: “legal_entity”,

“type”: “invalid_request_error”



Any thoughts? I’d greatly appreciate any help.

What version are you running?

If it suddenly stopped working without you doing anything, might be on @copilot’s side I think they use an internal API for Stripe.js.

I’m using 1.8.10, the last version before the Beta.

I submitted a bug report – I just didn’t know if it was something I was specifically doing incorrectly.

My best guess would be that Stripe did away with the “legal_entity” umbrella, but Copilot hasn’t taken it out of their JSON requests.

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I can’t find the legal_entity parameter in Stripe. I think it’s called verification now. Check this topic

    "verification": {
      "details": "Provided identity information could not be verified",
      "details_code": "failed_keyed_identity",
      "document": {
        "back": null,
        "details": null,
        "details_code": null,
        "front": null
      "status": "unverified"
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Alright, I may need to rig a barebones Stripe API with API Connector until Copilot can get this fixed.

I think I’ve found the problem. Stripe seems to have totally done away with the “legal_entity” branch for Custom Sellers. Instead, you can either set up a seller account as an individual – in which all the verification information is stored in the “individual” sub-branch – or as a company, in which you create multiple “persons” connected with that account (all of whom need to be verified).

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@lharrod1 Stripe API updates page shows changes to legal_entity. We are reviewing a few items with @copilot before their upcoming plugin update.


Started seeing similar issue for
but nothing interesting found in API updates page