Stripe - Live Mode / Test Mode Issues

Going through a connection process and get this ridiculous error…seems pretty clear I’m in test mode because it says Test Mode…and using the test bank details I get the error that Known test bank accounts can not be used in live mode…

Any ideas how to remedy or why this would happen?

Found this link that explains it

but I am trying to test if the connection is successful…when I skip the form I am successfully returned to my site with a code in the URL as expected, however, looking at my Stripe account in test to see connected accounts I do not see anything added…

If skipping the form, should I see a connected account in my test data for stripe dashboard or no?


All the Stripe connections I have made so far in my apps have been using plugins. I did a fair amount of research on Stripe’s api, before reaching the conclusion that I will need coaching on interacting with it directly.

So I am starting that journey but … still will attempt to learn via the forum.

Going through the Stripe documentation (cannot point where exactly), I read that payouts outside the US involve banks/govs authorized docs, sca validation with the bank and this functionality is only made available via a live connection with Stripe. This was the case of a major European country.

Perhaps this could be the reason you are having trouble.

Do share please if this is not the case :+1:t2:

The activation form expects real information about a real business. This means that even if you’re testing, you might want to create a real account with real details and that’s what Stripe asks for here. Since you’re only testing the flow and, I guess, don’t want to activate your account you should ignore the form entirely.

When testing, there should be a link at the top of the form called “Skip this account form”. This links lets you bypass the activation form when testing, and finish the connection with the platform.

So, to sum up, the activation form will always be for real data / live mode. On the development environment, you can test this form, but with your own real account.

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@cmarchan @Christophe_HK I had actually began testing trying to use connect for Standard Accounts.

When doing this the flow required the real information and although from the screen shot it can be seen to provide on the form the ‘test mode’ indicator at the top, it still requires real information to be added to the form…it does seem like @Christophe_HK is correct in that the test is really just for the flow, and it seems that flow being just sending the user to the signup on Stripe, plus that it requires real data.

I then tested for connect to use Express Accounts, and in this testing there is the button called “Skip this account form” as well as the ability to use ‘test data’ that Stripe generates for you when you press the buttons to do so.

It seems like there is a difference between setup for Express and Standard Accounts. After reading the Stripe documentation it seems like Express is the choice for the type of application I am implementing this on.

In that regard it does seem impossible to connect an existing Stripe account through the Express Connect setup. @Christophe_HK in your experience is this the case and it is only possible to use the Express Connect forcing the user to create a new stripe account?

If it is the case, would there be benefit to giving users the option or connect via Standard or Express where you basically ask “connect existing Stripe account” and if they select yes send them to the Standard connect and if they select no send them to the Express…or would this cause issues in the way some things are handled (it seems like it may as some API calls are only available for Express Connect).

Using the Express Connect and test data provided by Stripe I can now see a successful connected account in my Stripe dashboard…I didn’t go as far as to enter real data to verify if the Standard account gets connected, but the flows all seem fine.

My setup is built using Standard Account. But the difference with your setup is that I use Connect Onboarding, which is the recommended method for creating Standard accounts. If your user already has a stripe account it can use it, else he’s asked to create one. On testing mode, you’re right as now I remember, you’re asked to provide information but you can use test data in the form.

I’m not sure what the difference is between what I am doing and what you are doing in regards to using the Connect Onboarding…as far as I can tell my setup for enabling a Standard account to be connected is using the Connect Onbaording.

I’m using the API connector to setup the calls and have this authorization open external website

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 2.38.23 PM

Is this not using the Connect Onboarding?

No, you’re using Connect Onboarding. Sorry, I was not sure before this post.