Stripe marketplace basics about sellers with multiple "shops"

This is probably quite basic but I’m confused about who or what I register as a “Stripe User” for the purposes of transferring funds after someone buys something from a marketplace app. This app enables people to buy items from market stalls in advance of a charity sale. I’m using Stripe Connect Express for sellers’ accounts to handle the payments as advised by Stripe having filled in their business profile thing.

I’m having difficulty understanding how transfers of funds to Stripe accounts work when a seller in a market place has more than one business. Eg, If a seller has two “shops” in my marketplace then, when someone buys something from one of them using my app, the money is transferred following the purchase to “This Shop Owner’s Stripe Account”. But when that business owner has more than one business, how are they able to distinguish between different transfers to see which of their businesses each sale was made at? Is there, instead, an option that I’ve missed in which I should be registering their “shop” as the entity to which the Stripe account is attached (which equally sounds a bit weird because surely it needs to be a human?)

What’s the normal way to do this?

Are they using separate Stripe Accounts for each shop?

The workflow uses a “Register User as a Seller” action which takes them to Stripe where they enter details of their business so I guess it’s the User that’s being registered.

Would it be better to register the Venue instead of the User? If it would be, how might I do this?

If they are separate businesses, and the Users want/need separate Stripe accounts for each one, then yeah you could save the Connected Account on the Shop rather than the individual User.

Cool. Thank you. Is it possible to do both? So if it’s just someone selling their own crafts, they can register the Stripe account to themselves as the User but someone who has an outlet for their microbrewery and another outlet for products from their beekeeping business, they could have two separate Stripe accounts, each connected to the Venue?

Yeah… just store the Stripe Seller Account ID on the Venue instead of the User.

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Man, that’s cool. Thanks for this. So much to get my head round. I couldn’t do this without your help. Many thanks.