Stripe Marketplace - Only letting payment in tens go through

Hi all, so I’m using the Stripe Marketplace Plugin by @ZeroqodeSupport and it’s only letting payments made in tens (£10, $20) go through. I’m receiving this message for any other amount.

I’ve tried changing the input field from integer to decimal and still no luck

Any help greatly appreciated as always

As per the error message, the application fee amount must be an Integer (no decimals)… but you’re trying to pass a value of 10.5 cents/pence into Stripe for the App Fee Amount (as shown in the error message)

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So it’s the fee that’s the issue? Should I round that number down?

Thanks Adam, you are so helpful!

Stripe works in pence/cents. That is the amount it is looking for.

So $10.50 is 1050 when you pass it to Stripe.

Just multiply your decimal by 10 :slight_smile:

(yes, it is weird).


From what I can see, it looks like you’re setting a price of £15

With an application fee of 0.7% (i.e. 10.5 pence, which is not a valid amount for Stripe)

so you just need to round it to 0 decimal places, and make it 11 pence (or you can round it down to 10 pence if you prefer).

Thank you!

It now works with Decimal and I’ve added :floor to the fee sum.

Appreciate your super fast replies as always.

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