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Happy new years to all bubblers! Hope this post reaches everyone in the best of health and spirits ! I am trying to setup webhooks to get stripe notifications. I am starting with a webhook for a successful charge and a failed one. I set up my stripe , and I ran the app paid for a service and send the webhook go thru on my stripe dashboard. How do I go about updating a data field for a (live job) from the status of a webhook? Attached is the backend api set up with data already detected . I appreciate the help in advance :pray:t4:
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if you have detected the data then your next step is setting up conditions for checking the event object and then do the actions you want to do. If you want to update a field use a “modify a thing” action.

There is a lot of thing to do/check with Strioe webhooks and their use with Bubble. My suggestion is to start from reading the Stripe documentation and examples about it.



Would i be able to get the same results with using stripe.js and paymentintents?
If I just use js to charge user and then when the payment-intent status come back, id update my app.l data (customer payment successfully) with a workflow.
The documentation isn’t the easiest to understand :man_facepalming:t5:

They are two different things: in one case you need the user to wait on your page long enough to check for the data and then update the database, in the other Stripe will notify your backend and you can update the database without relying on the user.
You decide what behaviour you want to implement. Start from the one you find the easiest to implement and test to see if it works for your case.
With Stripe there is no shortcut, every tutorial will tell you the easy parts, but only the documentation will tell you all the important things you need to know.

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am I on to the right track ?

I’m not sure which one I would select to represent this

I was able to link the webhook, I don’t understand how to display the data on bubble, nor have it manually update the data field .

I have the fields setup on my backend workflow also and I believe everything is correct