Stripe paymentIntent later capture

I’ve read all the forum posts, taken 2 courses, watched youtube, and read the stripe docs.
I feel that it’s time to discuss here.

The high level organisation of what I want to do is this

  1. Create a paymentIntent of a user
  2. Capture the paymentIntent within 7 days (or not).

And, I believe I can use Stripe Checkout. and will do so for now for simplicity.
I’m willing to use either the stripe.JS plugin or the API’s.

In what order is all this done
What is the high level architecture and bits and pieces associated with it?
Capture client secret?
When and how do I direct them to Stripe checkout?
Storing to database?

It just haven’t said ‘click’ yet and I’m on the third day so I was wondering if someone is up for talking stripe.

I solved it with some help.
Here is how I solved it if anyone needs it if anyone ever needs to set it up.

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