Stripe plan in live not showing up

I have tried to research this issue on these forums and youtube, but have not found a solution. I have just deployed my app to live and in the live version, my app does not recognize my stripe product (a monthly subscription). This has always worked in development mode, with a number different stripe plans and subscription prices. I’ve attached a picture at the bottom of what I’m seeing in live. When I select “dynamically specify plan” the box is filled in and no longer red, as depicted in my attached picture, however, when I tried a real CC on it, I got an error message stating: “stripe error: no such plan: ; a similar object exists in test mode, but a live key was used to make this request.”

I also understand that stripe live plans and test plans have to have the same name, and I think I’ve done that. Could anyone help me out - I’ve been stuck on this for quite some time? Thank you.

You’re currently viewing the development version so you’re keys are looking into the Dev environment. When you switch to Live, you can no longer edit the view.

Fill in your live keys on the development sections of your Plugin tab and you’re good to go.


Unless I’m misunderstanding what you said, I believe I have done that. My live keys are filled in with Stripe in the plugin tab.

I believe my issues is that my IDs are not the same in the test and live environment. How do I change the ID in Stripe?

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Try this: check “Dynamically specify plan” , put the live price ID in “Stripe plan name” and deploy.

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You have to replace your Dev API keys with your live API keys (on the plugin tab), and then the plans will show up. Once you’ve selected your plan, deploy the app to live and it should work.


This worked for me, thanks!

They don’t show up!