Stripe Implementation Issue

Hi Guys,

App complete- finally! I have gone to activate the plan and it works fine, except the stripe charging.
I am being charged as a test Stripe transaction in Live mode.

Tried to change the stripe pricing plans to the live plan which shows up as an option to select in Live mode see attached

but to select this to change i need to go to development and it does not show up in development- see attached

I must be missing something fundamental here but not sure what it could be!

Any help?

Hey @mjk

Are you sure you inserted the Live API keys correctly in Stripe’s plugin configuration (in the Plugins tab)? I think that would solve your issue. Don’t hesitate to replace the test keys in the dev input fields by the live keys as well. Just be aware of the fact that you’ll need to replace them back when you run tests.

Alternatively you also have the option to define the plan dynamically by copy/pasting the unique ID that you can find in your Stripe dashboard.

Hope that helps

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Hi Ambroise,

Thank you for your response.

I am confident that the Live API keys are correctly inserted. I also tried your second point but the dev mode won’t allow me to view any live plans in Stripe.

I have not tried your third point, do you have an example?
Thanks again!


In your Stripe dashboard, go to Products and click on a product you created.
Then take the API ID in the Pricing section:

Back to your Bubble app, choose ‘Inform a plan dynamically’ instead of ‘Pick one plan’ in your Stripe action configuration, and paste the API ID there


Need extra help?

Book a free 15 minutes call - happy to help if I can

Hi Ambroise,

Thank you for this.

I tried to subscribe in live mode and received this error:

The API ID i posted dynamically is a live product.

Thanks again

Apologies Ambroise, it appeared it didnt save! it works. but strangely the pop up box- your card was not charged at this time comes up even though we charge the card.

Any reason why this would be the case?

@mjk it’s surely due to an action in your workflow, feel free to post a screenshot

Need extra help?

Book a free 15 minutes call - happy to help if I can

Hi Ambroise, see attached inc Workflow.

You need to store that plan name in the DB and called it dynamically rather than trying to hard code it in Dev. Does that plugin allow you to do that?


I don’t know that answer to that Simon unfortunately. I’ve also now realised that if a User drops out of above payment process they can still access the User account. Any tips on this loophole?

Maybe don’t create a user account before Stripe - just ask for an email (depends on how you are setting up the customer and what plugins you are using)


Unfortunately the Stripe plugin doesnt allow me to charge unless someone has signed up to an account. So I guess that solves the Stripe ID with User ID. Still stuck with the issue of restricting access to the user area if payment is unsuccessful, or failed.

My understanding on what stripe data to request from a webhook is very limited. Theres plenty of content on the Stripe.JS plugin but little on the stripe by bubble plugin.

What references do you use on stripe data webhooks for failed payments?

Put your live API keys into the dev fields in the plugin.

Close the app editor then reopen. The plans should then appear. Select the plan and deploy.

Afterwards put the dev keys back in the dev fields.

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